Friday, December 22, 2006

Coming out of hiding....

To the two of you still checking to see if someday I might actually post again, here is your reward. Not an actual post from me, but some links to other posts which are quite excellent. I intend to post soon, probably after the first of the year, so come back soon. Thanks for hanging in there!

Please check out We, Like David, Are Real. Our Love Is Not for a quick, but thought provoking read. Josh Gibbs and my husband went to high school together. Good guy. Good writer. Good thoughts.

Check out Leigh Ann's blog and her posts For What It's Worth, We're Happier, No We're Happier, Curse Be On You If You Stay, and Moral Superiority. Fantastic thoughts on the nature of the marriage relationship explained in a straight forward and humble manner. Leigh Ann is my most recent addition to blog lines. You should all add her to yours as well.

And speaking of adding people to your bloglines- add Davis Wilson Read his postHoliday's and Heroism to hear some great thoughts about thinking discretely. A useful concept.

And finally check out my husband's post here for his thoughts on the outworkings of Ephesians 5. As well as a rather lively discussion. Got me a good one, I did. I love that man.

That's my grand contribution to the blogsphere today. But why write a plethora of words when others have already said what needs saying?

Have a wonderful, blessed, and most importantly, Christ filled Christmas