Wednesday, February 03, 2010

I wish I was funnier....

And that I had a funny blog.  But I am just not, and I don't.   I do better with passion and critique than humor.  And while I might say something sarcastic on here ever now and then that warrants a chuckle, this blog certainly isn't laugh out loud funny.  Maybe I should start posting clips from "The Big Bang Theory" on here, then you would laugh.  That show is fantastic.  But in the mean time, this blog might be getting temporarily funnier. Jon Acuff, the man behind the curtain over at Stuff Christian Like has offered to guest post on peoples blogs in the advance of his up coming book release.  (The book sounds great, looking forward to reading it).  He made the offer for anyone- whether you have 2 readers or 200, which I think is pretty cool. You can find a link to his site on my side bar under "it's funny 'cause it's true" which it is.  Evangelical Christendom as a sub-culture can be pretty amusing when you stop to think about it and I think it is good to be able to laugh at yourself.  So stay tuned.  My thoughts about the stay art home daughter movement are also forth coming.  Just in case you don't like to laugh.  In the mean tim, add Jon to you RSS feed, his blog is a great blend of humorinsightlove (for lack of a better word).  Anyway, go read.  He actually posts regularly.

And because you should watch this clip.....


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