Thursday, April 06, 2006

Housewife Gear

Just a quick post to share with you all the new must have for every housewife. Vintage style, oil cloth aprons. For those of you not familiar with oil cloth, it is a slick, wipeable fabric. Similar to vinyl in a way, but WAY cooler. Hat tip to Barbara at Mommy Life. Not sure yet though if I'm thanking her or upset. As anyone who has been in my kitchen in real life knows, I have a weakness for aprons. I love them. I wear them everyday. All styles and colors, but especially anything vintage and retro. I want to build up my collection so I always have one that looks cute with whatever I'm wear that day. It is as much about an iconic statement as it is about practicality. Yes, I do want to be a 50's housewife in case you were wondering.
Anthropologie is another place to find such wonderful items. Also not sure if I'm happy I was shown that store or not. Makes that whole do not covet thing extremely difficult.

Well, I am sitting her sipping my coffee in a strangely quite house for 9:30am. Normally by this time the eldest has been up for hours and the wee on even longer. But they are both sleeping. It is amazing to me how God blesses us with these little things. Just when one thinks you can't go on functioning without some extra sleep, you get extra sleep. And not only that, but an extra 30min to enjoy coffee and reading and writing. Pretty cool.

I know reading around here as of late has been sparse, and much more of a journal nature than it used to be. But life is busy and I'm doing good to record what is happening, let along wax eloquent about the greater principle behind it. Hope to return to regularly scheduled programming soon.


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