Monday, June 26, 2006

When there are many words.....

Ok, I realized after posting the link to Dawn and saying that I could have done that instead of making my previous post that further explanation was probably needed.

Here's the deal, when it comes to blog posts I prefer to talk about things in their basic form, leaving out all of the exception clauses, what ifs, bunny trails, etc. So I write my post, stating what is a general working theory of mine in rather black and white terms. I'm usually quite happy with my results. Until later that is. Then I realize that I probably didn't' give enough information to make people who don't know me realize that I am not trying to tell every Christian household what they need to do. But I don't like adding in the caveats every other sentence or apologizing that I boldly think my opinions are right. (Like I said before, that is the basic definition of an opinion).

So, when I read the article at Dawn's blog I thought, "yes, this is it. The things to keep in mind when living life, when educating, when making evaluations. This is good stuff. This is how I desire to always view my ideas, and instead hold the pursuit of God up as the first and best thing which there is." So I posted the link. Then I realized I left y'all out of my thought process and were probably a little confused. Sigh.

I console myself with the though that this is probably not the first time I've written something confusing and probably won't be the last and as such my dear reader are probably used to it by now. You may even expect it.

So know, that when it comes to posts I truly think it is best to say things simply and without all the addendums which I made for my education thoughts. When you are writing things down for your own edification and for a larger group to think about and discuss, I really do believe it works better to talk about the big universal picture first, and then when you are talking on a one on one level, address whatever individual situation you are in. Ok, it is time for me to be quiet now and stop worrying that I am going to be misunderstood. If I write something that seems wrong or offensive or anything else, make a comment and we can discuss the caveats there because it is too tiring to try and cover them all in any individual post. I will go batty. Some might say it will be a short trip.


At June 28, 2006 12:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Personally, knowing Dawn like I do, I'd be nervous about directing anyone to anything that she's written. :/

I OH SO understand about feeling so strongly about homeschooling. When we made the decision to homeschool, we did it with the proviso that we were willing to end up in jail, if that is what it meant. We haven't waivered from that stance - but that is OUR calling. AND the Lord is really nailing me about being/seeming to be without grace. SIGH - sniff, sniff--- does anyone else smell the scent of flesh being burned away?????!!! Hmmm....

Blessings, my dear,
DC :@


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