Friday, April 28, 2006

Pt. 4: Some Thoughts

Ok, so I meant to get this post written two days ago. But everyday living got in the way and that's how it should be and so here I am writing my follow up posts now.

Lately abortion topics have made Yahoo headlines, I've noticed it brought up in a few different shows that I watch, and have been listening to Vienna Teng's CD whose song lyrics I posted a few days ago. So, the subject has been on my mind. Perhaps it jumps out at me all the more with a new baby in my house, I'm not sure. I know that when I was pregnant reading headlines about abortion made me physically ill. Now, with the baby here, they make me so very sad. Sad for those women who never got to meet their precious children. My life has been profoundly changed and infinitely enriched by having children and my heart breaks for those who denied themselves this chance.

As such, I decided I would go ahead and post about the subject. Pt. 1 was the lyrics to a really great song by .an artist well worth checking out. Pt. 2 are images from a baby in utero taken by a 4D ultrasound. Pt. 3 are simply stats, the figures minus the rhetoric. For the start of any discussion knowing what the information is, is the best way to begin.

So, what does one do with the topic of Abortion? It is something that is always at the fore front of any political race, with both sides believing they have everything to loose if the opposing candidate wins. It is something that is talked about in many schools, churches, families. But what do we actually do with it?

Some people take their hatred for abortion and with it create a new evil. They bomb clinics and shoot doctors. They yell horrible things at fragile women, all in the name of Christ. They are the people we see on TV and wish that they would just shut up, disappear, claim some other name rather than the one of our savior. We know, that whatever else we do, it isn't suppose to be like that.

Going back to my first post, the lyrics of "Shasta":
"you're all alone in this world no that's not true
the nice Christian lady told you so
she was handing out pamphlet by the clinic door
saying "Jesus knows what you're been through
take the Savior into your heart my child
there's love waiting for the both of you"

That I think is probably what we're supposed to do on a one on one level. Yes, abortion is wrong. No, not just wrong, it is horrific. I had considered posting the descriptions of procedures on here that I found at a clinic's website, but to be honest I couldn't even get through reading them myself. This isn't a grey issue. Abortion is murder. Period.

But, we can't forget that there are still real people involved. People who need to know the love of Christ, people who need Him and His salvation. They need to know that they are sinners in need of Christ's grace-but not because they are getting an abortion, but because all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

We also have to remember the pain that these women are carrying around with them. As much as people would like to try and deny that the fetus which they aborted was not actually a human, we all know different. This really hit home with me the other day when I caught a Sex In The City rerun. One character was considering an abortion and asking her friend who had had one 13 years ago for comfort:

Miranda: "I'll go in there, and do this, and then rest for a few days and I'll be ok. I'll be fine. I'll feel normal again. Right? I mean, how long did it take until you felt normal again?"

Carrie: "I'm hoping any day now"

Go back and read the statistics on the number of women who have had abortions. They are staggering. And they cover all age groups, races, religions, and economic backgrounds. There is a very good statistical chance that when talking to someone who is for abortion that they have had one. Not always of course, but I think it is good to keep in mind. That you aren't debating with them about something theoretical, it is likely very personal. That doesn't mean we say something is ok when it's not, but that we once again remind ourselves that we are dealing with real people, with real pain.

One thing about, is we as a culture have an abortive mindset I think. We view children as something that we add to our family when and if they desire. Children aren't blessing from God, but family accessories. We know longer look at God as being sovereign over the womb, but rather feel we get to be simply because there is medicine to help make it happen our way. And even beyond the conception of babies, society as a whole is very age segregated. Yes, we have our children, but we don't really have to interact with them much after that point if we don't want to. There are countless activities to send each family member in a different direction, keeping the kids separate from each other and from the parents. Our hearts as a nation are abortive even if we never have an abortion ourselves.

And yes, I'm making big generalizations here, and using "we" and "our". To be honest, I think that is fair. I think that even those of us who are fighting hard against this mindset have still been poisoned by it. Even though we know it is wrong, we still fight against it in our lives. Not always succeeding either, as it is hard to go against the current.

This post isn't necessarily going where I thought it would. I had intended to talk more about as a society what the abortion debate looks like, the terms pro-choice and pro-life, and the importance of defining life as beginning at conception. I had intended to continue this "series" dealing with the issue of emergency contraception and the implications from that information. I still might. But first I do think it is important to figure out how to frame the conversation with people. The topic, and all topics related, are intensely personal and highly emotional. I don't think that means they should be avoided though. It is life of unborn children which is at stake and that is more important that minding our own business.

I'm hoping to continue this weekend with further thoughts on the matter, but right now I don't have the mental energy. And I might not anytime soon for that matter, so this may get put on hold. As is, I'm feeling like I could have done a better job on this post had I waited, but I didn't want to leave the first three out there without any explanation.


At April 28, 2006 3:57 PM, Blogger Aiming at Proverbs 31 said...

I have often felt that a real great tragedy in the abortion problem is all the focus on the murdered baby. That baby is in heaven. The mother on the other hand, is a murderer in the eyes of God, if not the government, and probably in her own eyes as well. Her life, here and especially in eternity, is the one really at stake, and the one that must really be saved.


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