Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Normally before I post I think about the wording I am going to use, scripture I am going to reference, a title, the various objections that could be raised, etc. I write thinking about litery deviced and try to edit carefully. Right now I am doing none of that. I can barely see through my tears to type.I just read this article here It almost made me throw up. Maybe it's because I am pregnant, but my heat is breaking. Basic summary of the article is that this new team of researchers say that babies can't feel pain until they are at least seven months gestationally. Up until this point the research has suggested 20 months but no real consensus has ever been reached. But what got to me wasn't the constitent use of "fetus" or the obviously biased headline or that obvious bias of the was the abortions after 20 weeks the baby is given anestestia. Let that sink in for a moment. It is necessary to give this little baby pain killer because of what is about to happen to it. It is going to experience a painful death. These doctors are administering something that is normally given to a patient to make everything easier for them and then they kill the baby. Babies at 20 wks can often survive outside the womb. These are little ones that could make it. Babies that could be adopted by parents that desperately want kids. But they're killed.I have to stop writing. I'm shaking and my heart rate it up and I need to go lay now. This is wrong, this is so very wrong.


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